CONCERT PICK: "Daniel Bennett Group, a mix of jazz, folk, and trance: North Shore Public Library, 250 Route 25A, Shoreham, NY" -New York Times

"Bennett makes hay with an airy approach that's buoyant enough to conjure notions of East African guitar riffs & Steve Reich's pastoral repetition."
- Village Voice (Full Article)
"Daniel Bennett airs his lilting, potentially 
hypnotic compositions"
- Timeout New York (Full Article)

"Refreshingly capricious and trippy jazz melodies." 
-Yahoo Voices

"Good-natured, playful irreverence"
-Orlando Weekly (Full Article)

"Bennett draws on the inspiration of folk music & the American minimalism of Steve Reich & Philip Glass."
- Boston Phoenix (Full Article)

"Quirky, cinematic eccentricity with sudden shots of surf rock and buoyant folk. Bennett writes melodies that are brain-naggingly catchy, with an oddball sense of humor that’s rare on jazz bandstands."
-WXPN Philadelphia (Full Article)

"Cheerful, optimistic and without a shred of irony!"
- Jazz Weekly (Full Article)

"Daniel Bennett has established himself in the New York scene as a triple threat."
- Rochester City News (Full Article)

"A myriad of fresh, accessible sounds uninhibited by traditional expectations."
- (Full Article)

"Bennett has a genius for creating immediately affecting melodies, which the group then develops into small masterpieces"
- All About Jazz (Full Article)

Interview in Mercury Entertainment (Full Article)


Interview in Leavenworth Times (Full Article)

with Host, Anthea Redmond

(Full Broadcast)

Interview on First Coast News (Full Broadcast)

"Synergistic Jazz." 
-NPR (Full Broadcast)

"The Manhattan-based bandleader's intoxicating blending of experimental Folk-Jazz."
-Hartford Courant (Full Article)

"Energetic and fun! Rochester is in for an absolute treat with a visit by the Daniel Bennett Group."
-Rochester Democrat & Chronicle (Full Article)  

"Bennett is a modernist New York Jazz musician who plays saxophone in a manner that brings together elements of Steve Reich's minimalism."
-Cincinnati City Beat (Full Article)

"Daniel Bennett’s main difference with fellow hybridizer John Zorn is a lack of disruptiveness.."

-The Vinyl District (Full Article)

"Daring musical trio who blends modern jazz, American folk, and experimental classical."
-Philly Mixtape (Full Article)

"Beautiful enough to delight a child!"
-International Review of Music (Full Article)

"Bennett combines a feel-good folky vibe with intense minimalist-inspired loops."
- The Jazz Word (Full Article)

with host, Trish Hennessey

(Full Broadcast)

"This might be the first genuine musical equivalent to a Wes Anderson film." 
- Between Sound & Space (Full Article)

"Combining folkloric elements with the minimalist chord progressions of Steve Reich and Philip Glass.
- Jazz Police (Full Article)

"Bennett takes his unique brand of trance-like improvised soundscapes to subliminal new heights."
- Best Saxophone Website Ever (Full Article)

"One of New York City's funniest and wittiest jazz crews." -New York Music Daily

"Diametrically opposed to most of the jazz of the Downtown scene. Not like any other horn player."
- Something Else Reviews (Full Article)

"There are enough hooks, buoyant beats, and surprises to engage even casual music fans."
- New Haven Register (Full Article)