"Bennett makes hay with an airy approach that's buoyant enough to conjure notions of East African guitar riffs & Steve Reich's pastoral repetition."
- Village Voice (Click HERE for full article)
"Daniel Bennett airs his lilting, potentially 
hypnotic compositions"
- Timeout New York (Click HERE for full article)

"Bennett draws on the inspiration of folk music and the classic American minimalism of Steve Reich, Philip Glass, and Terry Riley."
- Boston Phoenix (Click HERE for full article)

"Cheerful, optimistic and without a shred of irony!"
- Jazz Weekly (Click HERE for the full article)

"The instrumentation takes one to a magical place. It's bright and airy."
- Jazz N Pop (Click HERE for full article)

"Bennett loves to create melodies that stick in your brain."
- Step Tempest (Click HERE for full article)

"Entertaining and Complex"
All About Jazz (Click HERE for full article)


"The Daniel Bennett Group describes it's sound as Jazz, American Folk, and Minimalism."
Litchfield County Times (Click HERE for full article)

"Daniel Bennett is a very important talent, and worthwhile contributor to the Jazz genre."
- Jazz Music (Click HERE for full article) 

"A myriad of fresh, accessible sounds uninhibited by traditional expectations."
- JazzReview.com (Click HERE for full article)

"Bennett has a genius for creating immediately affecting melodies, which the group then develops into small masterpieces"
- All About Jazz (Click HERE for full article)


"The Manhattan-based bandleader's intoxicating blending of experimental Folk-Jazz."
Hartford Courant (Click HERE for full article)

"Refreshingly capricious and trippy."
- Yahoo Voices (Click HERE for full article)

"Beautiful enough to delight a child!"
International Review of Music (Click HERE for full article)

"Bennett combines a feel-good folky vibe with intense minimalist-inspired loops."
- The Jazz Word (Click HERE for full article)

"This might be the first genuine musical equivalent to a Wes Anderson film." 
- Between Sound & Space (Click HERE for article)

"One of the most disctinctive and charming recordings I've heard in some time."
- The Big City Blog (Click HERE for full article)

"An indie rock vibe develops into African moods, as Bennett's alto presents his characteristic light and talkative sound." 
- All About Jazz (Click HERE for full article)

"Daniel Bennett is charting his own musical path."
- Digital Jazz News (Click HERE for full article) 

"One of the coolest and most accessible jazz albums in years."
- Muzik Reviews (Click HERE for full article)


"Combining folkloric elements with the minimalist chord progressions of Steve Reich and Philip Glass.
- Jazz Police (Click HERE for full article)

"Bennett takes his unique brand of trance-like improvised soundscapes to subliminal new heights."
- Best Saxophone Website Ever (Click HERE for full article)

"Diametrically opposed to most of the jazz of the Downtown scene. Not like any other horn player out of NYC."
- Something Else Reviews (Click HERE for full article)